Science Project Proposal


The objective of the proposal form is to get in contact with potential scientific users of the planned space based observatory. We wish to collect information about scientific usage of the telescope and required functional and technical aspects.

We invite interested researchers to contribute to the project and further develop the planned space based observatory.

Collected information will be used for:

  • Estimation of scientific demand and priorities.
  • Further elaboration of the mission concept.
  • Estimation of required resources for scientific use of the observatory and mission development.
  • Development of a mission supporting scientific community.

Public Telescope

Public Telescope is a private initiative of the astrofactum GmbH. It will provide satellite based astronomical data acquisition in the ultraviolet, the visible and the near infrared frequency ranges. These data will be made available on-demand for scientists, ambitious astronomy amateurs and educational organizations.

Public Telescope allows spectroscopic measurements of celestial targets in wavelength between 1.000A and 11.000A and imaging in wavelength between 200nm and 1.100nm.

Science Proposal

Please use for your project draft our template (MS Word File) with example project and more details about the mission design, optical systems and instruments.

Please send your project drafts to

Download Project Template

Project Drafts


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need support or if you have any questions.

Philip Richter AIP Potsdam


Prof. Dr. Philipp Richter

Institute of Physics and Astronomy
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Hans Kröger


Hans Kröger

astrofactum GmbH
Institute for astronomy and space technology
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