astrofactum GmbH opens office in Berlin

Munich, July 10, 2014 – The Munich based astrofactum GmbH opened an office in Berlin on July 15th 2014 to further promote its project “Public Telescope”. The site in Berlin is important for astrofactum to establish a software development departmentfor the project and to intensify the cooperation with industrial partners in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg

The first activities at the new site are to design the software architecture for the commercialization of the astronomical observation services such as the online platform for user access, CRM and payment components, schedulers for the telescope control, interfaces for developers, applications for mobile devices and applications for scientific observation programs.

Amateur astronomers, students and interested consumers from around the world will be able to book observation time with the telescope via the multi-lingual online platform once the space telescope will be operational or they can use the extensive range of astronomical information and entertainment. A variety of functions are available for amateur astronomers for their observations, such as the comfortable input of the observation coordinates, the selection of camera and exposure time, the selection of different color and line filter, automatic image enhancement and much more. Scientific users will be offered additional configuration and usage possibilities, which also meet professional requirements.

"The opening of our branch in Berlin is an important milestone for the company's development of astrofactum and for the realization of our space telescope project ‘Public Telescope’. The presence in Berlin allows us to better benefit from the economic and creative potential of the region." says the founder and CEO of astrofactum GmbH Heiko Wilkens.

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