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astrofactum @ Asteroid Day
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astrofactum @ Asteroid Day

June, 30, 2017, On the occasion of the Asteroid Day 2017 astrofactum was one of the panel participants in Luxembourg. The discussion of the expert group "Asteroid Discovery and Telescopes" has been broadcasted worldwide live. [spacer] [spacer] [easingslider id="8446"] [spacer]

The core topic of the discussion with Frank Koch of astrofactum were the projects for the discovery and exploration of asteroids. The astrofactum space telescope "Public Telescope", which is to contribute to the discovery and observation of asteroids. Also the online platform of astrofactum, which will enable asteroid projects in the collaboration between the worldwide amateur community and researchers. Already to the next Asteroid Day in 2018 first results from the asteroid projects of the online platform are to be presented. [spacer] [spacer][spacer]

Panel-Diskussion "Asteroid Discovery & Telescopes"

Popular Astronomy UK

The UK Magazine Popular Astronomy reported about the enterprise - the first Public Space Telescope - and the new observation opportunities for international amateur astronomers, pupils, students and scientists.

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