Mourning Astrophysicists Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder

astrofactum mourns the Tübingen astrophysicists Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder, who passed away on October 17, 2015, at the age of only 76 years.

astrofactum and the team of Public Telescope lose with Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder a particularly esteemed, internationally renowned and scientifically prolific astrophysicist. Since 2013 from the first hours of the project Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder worked as a consultant for Public Telescope. He was an inspiring follower and supporter of the project to build a space telescope for everyone. Very actively he supported the project with his expertise, many suggestions and valuable contacts.

The universe was his living room: the speed of light, the greatest distances and masses were his daily business. He could very vividly convey highly complex events and interrelationships of our universe to ordinary people. In addition to a wide variety of astrophysical problems he dealt with the visualization of predictions of the theory of relativity.

"We will honor Hanns Ruder and get him a worthy place in our Space Telescope to always remember him." says Heiko Wilkens, the project initiator of Public Telescope.

Our sympathy goes to his family, especially his wife Margret Ruder and his son Michael Ruder.